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We chose the Arashiyama area because we think Arashiyama is the most scenic area of Kyoto.  It is also where we reside.  This makes it us introducing you to our own backyard!  We love meeting awesome people, are absolutely thrilled about sharing our knowledge and experiences in Japan, and are always smiling when we are riding our bikes.  Come join Kyoto Bike Tour for a fantastic day of cycling and let us share some of our joy and passion for Kyoto with you!

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Originally a native to California

and Hawaii, he has a professional background in Japanese history, language, and literature. He has called Japan home for the past 20 years and has been extremely fortunate to live in 6 different prefectures. His wide array of work experience and zest for adventure has taken him all over the country. He has visited 46 out of the 47 prefectures and has a wealth of knowledge he is eager to share. When he is away from the bike, he is off exploring the historical sites with his wife and baby girl. Why don't you ask him about some of his favorite spots in Kyoto and the rest of Japan to help spice up your vacation?

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Originally hails from the Big Apple, but is a long time resident of Kyoto and Japan for nearly 25 years.  His love for his city and passion for bicycles match no other.  His cycle racing background is an integral part to our bike tours as well as his insight of the backstreets of Arashiyama.  His contagious laugh will capture you and he will soon be filling you in on where the best beers are in town with perhaps even a tip on where to pick up a traditional Japanese style tattoo.   He often finds himself at total bliss working to fine tune his bicycles.  Anything bicycle related is truly his zen.  



Originally from Utah, USA but has called Japan his home for the last 20 years.  He has a wide breadth of knowledge and a fierce passion for cycling.  He knows the mountains of Japan like no other and in his spare time you will see him either on a bike or planning his next cycling adventure!  Be sure to ask him about Mongolia and about mountain biking in the backcountry!  One thing you are sure not to miss with Rob is that he possibly has the biggest smile of anyone in Kyoto!  

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