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Kyoto Bike Tour Restaurant Recommendations


Enjoy a good meal after a great day out with Kyoto Bike Tour! Here are some of our favorite places in Arashiyama and the greater Kyoto area. Click on the restaurant name for more information.



  • Arashiyama Yoshimura - popular soba restaurant near Togetsukyo Bridge (map)

  • Pizzeria Lugara - The best pizza in town made by an Italian native! (map)

  • Yudofu Sagano - enjoy chunks of tofu simmered in a tasty broth (map)

  • Shigetsu - traditional ‘shojin-ryori’ (buddhist meal) located in Tenryuji Temple (map)

  • Ozuru - udon noodle shop; quick and perfect for a budget lunch option (map)

  • Hiranoya - beautiful 400 year old teahouse; famous for ayu (sweet fish) kaiseki (map)

  • Unagi Hirokawa - Michelin star grilled eel restaurant; reservations required (map)

  • Kijurou - the turn to for wagyu in Arashiyama (map)




Japanese Beef

  • Gion Mikaku - very high end Japanese Beef restaurant in Gion. Prepare to spend! (map)

  • Yakiniku Hiro - high quality beef you grill yourself at an affordable price. Eight locations in Kyoto. (map)

  • Aje - very popular with locals for beef and ‘horumonyaki’ (grilled organ meat, giblets, offal). (map)

  • Tendan Gion - traditional restaurant with great meat and grilled seafood. (map)

Japanese Craft Beer

  • Craft House Kyoto - newly opened in a spacious 100 year old renovated Machiya townhouse; great food and opens from 11:00am. (map)

  • Kyoto Beer Lab - small local brewer that produces their own ‘Cha-Beer’ series, beer infused with tea grown outside of Kyoto. (map)

  • Spring Valley Brewery - great brewery restaurant downtown off of Nishiki Market (map)

  • Beer Komachi - small beer pub on shopping arcade; always have a good variety of 7 craft beers on tap. (map)

  • Kyoto Brewing Company - brewery opened by 3 foreigners in Kyoto; Taproom only open on weekends from 12 noon to 6:00. No food served. (map)



  • Kappa Sushi - high quality sushi and sashimi on the famous Pontocho alley; outdoor seating overlooking the Kamo River in summertime. (map)

  • Sushi Iwa - very high end sushi restaurant; was Steve Jobs favorite sushi place in all of Japan. (map)

  • Sushi Tetsu - very affordable sushi also on Pontocho alley near Sanjyo side. Ask for the chef ‘Frankie’ and tell him that Peter sent you! (map)

  • Sushi no Musashi - probably the best quality conveyor belt sushi in town. Cheap and delicious. Also located in Kyoto Station on the south side. (map1, map2)


  • Kyogoku Stand - incredibly cheap and incredibly local! You will share tables with locals and make new friends; open from 12 noon! (map)

  • Gion Yuuki - a very local Kyoto-style izakaya with an excellent selection of Japanese sake. (map)

  • Tengu -  affordable izakaya located downtown; also have an all-you-can-drink option (map)

  • Anji - the specialty here is the seafood; there is also a big common table where strangers can eat together and become friends! (map)

  • Kokoro - mainly a standing style izakaya with very cheap and very delicious food; definitely order the fried chicken (‘tori no karage’) (map)


Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-free

  • Mumokuteki - in Teramachi shopping arcade; serves a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. (map)

  • Choice - a haven for vegan and gluten-intolerant diners. (map)

  • Veg Out - vegan cafe along the Kamo River; also opens for breakfast from 8am. (map)

  • Falafel Garden - Israeli cafe with the best falafels in town. (map)

  • Que Pasa - Kyoto’s only authentic burrito shop and only vegan burrito in town! (map)

  • Little Heaven - some may say it is the best vegan food in Kyoto! Reservations required. (map)

  • Sugarhill Kyoto - Japanese Italian fusion; many gluten free options and English speaking friendly staff. (map)

  • Itadakizen - vegan Japanese and Korean food, English speaking staff and cozy restaurant (map)



  • Kairikiya - specializes in ramen with ‘kujo negi’, Kyoto scallions. (map)

  • Menbaka Fire Ramen - the famous place where your ramen is lit on fire right in front of you; a bit touristy but very good ramen (map)

  • Ramen Koji - imagine one place with over 10 types of ramen from all over Japan! Located on the 10th floor of JR Kyoto Station Isetan building. (map)

  • Ginjo-Ramen Kubota - famous for its Tsukemen (dipping noodles) with thick seafood broth, using only Kyoto miso. (map)

  • Mugi no Yoake - one of a kind ramen famous for it's scallop and sansho ramen (map)


  • Tempura Endo Yasaka - traditional Kyoto style tempura; restaurant is in a renovated old Ochaya, where geisha used to entertain. (map)

  • Kyoboshi Tempura - the only Michelin star tempura place in town; one set course of 17-18 pieces delicately prepared. (map)

  • Tendon Makino Teramachi - huge pieces of tempura on top of a bowl of rice! As a policy they fry your tempura just after you order it. (map)


Bars / Sake

  • Masuya Saketen - one of the best selection of sake in town with a wall describing how to select sake; staff super friendly and speak English. (map)

  • ING Bar - a classic rock and roll dive-bar run by a fanatic Rolling Stones fan, Mr. Hako. Never request ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or ‘Hotel California’. He won’t play them! (map)

  • HUB - a British style pub with 3 locations in the city. Largest one is Sanjo. Happy Hour from 5pm weekdays and 2pm in weekends and holidays (map)

  • Sake Bar Yoramu - named after an Israeli ex-pat who loves sake; very small but Yoramu will take good care of you. (map)


Yakitori / Grilled Chicken

  • Torito - a great little yakitori place near Nishiki Market; popular with locals (map)

  • Kushikura Honten - the oldest yakitori restaurant in Kyoto; opened over 100 years ago and is still in the original location. (map)

  • Chabuya - a fun little place with affordable and delicious yakitori (map)

  • Torisei Honten - located in an old sake brewery building in Fushimi; visit some sake breweries while you are there! (map)



  • Ryu no Hige - affordable Kyoto kaiseki with a French flair; open for lunch and dinner. (map)

  • Giro Giro Hitoshina - a very creative and modern take on traditional kaiseki; incredibly reasonable and great selection of sake (map)

  • Gion Nishikawa - Michelin star kaiseki in the heart of Gion; expensive but worth it. (map)


Soba / Udon

  • Kawamichiya - handmade fresh soba in a restaurant over 300 years old. (map)

  • Okakita - loved by locals for udon; their ‘ten-toji udon’ (tempura and egg) is the most popular dish so give it a try. (map)

  • Omen Nippon - very local udon shop with delicious chewy noodles! (map)

  • Itsutsu - handmade soba at its finest; reservation only (map)

Other Favorites

  • Okonomiyaki: Yasube - family run place on Pontocho; son speaks good English. (map)

  • Mexican: Que Pasa - truly the only authentic California-style burritos in town. (map)

  • Burgers: 58 Diner - great fresh burgers on home made buns; fries are killer! (map)

  • Unagi / Grilled Eel: Kyogoku Kaneyo - 100-year old shop and super delicious. (map)

  • Thai: Pakuchi - authentic Thai food in Kyoto; lunch set menu is very cheap. (map)

  • Indian / Persian: Arash’s Kitchen - go on Saturday’s and enjoy belly dance shows. (map)

  • Yuba / Tofu: Junsei - Kyoto’s famous tofu with a view of Nanzenji Temple (map)

  • Sukiyaki: Kimura - reasonably priced sukiyaki on Teramachi Shopping street. (map)

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