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The Beauty is Back! Update on Typhoon of August 2018

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

This is an update on the current status of Arashiyama, Kyoto after one of the most powerful storms in Japan's storm recorded history.

The major damage here in Arashiyama was to a lot of trees. The community has really come together and have managed to get things back to normalcy.

It is smooth sailing now that the storm has passed. We are back on the bikes and enjoying the sunshine and greenery.

Typhoon News

We are happy to announce that we are at last clear of the latest storm here in Kyoto. As many of you are well aware, this year has been a tough one for us with natural disasters. We had a big storm in early Summer with heavy rains. The Hozu and Katsura rivers filled up and were spilling into the streets even flooding some shops. Our world famous Togetsukyo Bridge was even closed off due to the high waters.

The latest of these natural disasters was Typhoon 21. It was one of the largest typhoons in recorded history for Japan. The international airport in neighboring Osaka was closed down for an extended period of time due to flooding. Our own streets and surrounding area of our beloved Arashiyama did not completely escape the wrath of Typhoon 21 either. You can firsthand witness the power of the storm with the presence of all the uprooted trees. Several of the bamboo in our cherished bamboo forest were knocked around so hard that even the flex of the bamboo was not strong enough to hold against the powerful winds. You can still see some remnants of what were rather large trees that were thrown about by the storm. Many paths and streets were blocked including the path to the bamboo forest. A lot of temples were also temporarily closed due to the loose debris and to check for any possible structural damage.

On the brighter side, things are now very much back to normal. There is still a big clean up effort going on but the chirping of the birds and the sweet sounds of the insects and other wildlife have returned. We are pleased to inform you the beauty of Arashiyama is still here and waiting for your visit.


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