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3 things certain to catch your eye in Arashiyama

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Here are a few things that are sure to make for a more fulfilling bike ride.

A little tanuki (racoon dog) statue in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Keep those eyes open and enjoy the ride! You are sure to see a lot on your adventure.

You really find the beauty Arashiyama has to offer no matter the season.

The flowers of Spring, the deep shades of green of Summer, the brilliant colors of the autumn leaves, and the silence and snowy landscape of Winter are sure to make you want to return to Arashiyama for another visit.

3 things worthy of mention in Arashiyama

Arashiyama being a world reknown location guarantees it a pretty magical place. It is really a destination hailed for its beautiful seasonal landscape and rich history. Probably the most sought out area of Arashiyama is it’s bamboo forest and for good reason.

It also brings us to the first thing to look for when cycling with Kyoto Bike Tour. Unfortunately, we start off our list with one of the reminders of the impact we can have on the places we visit.

There was a rise in vandalism earlier in the year of unlearned tourists leaving their mark on the bamboo. Not only is bamboo graffiti against the law, it is also very damaging to the bamboo itself. We care about our environment and know you do as well so help us by keeping a vigilant eye out for any offenders and please let us know if you see someone acting suspiciously.

Now on a positive note, the second thing to be on the lookout for is wildlife. Arashiyama being nestled in next to Mount Ogura and other surrounding mountains makes it the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of some of our little friends who live there. If you are lucky, you may get a deer sighting around early morning or dusk. We were on a ride not too long ago where we came across six deer in the road!

Along with deer, another one of our four legged friends of the forests that you may be fortunate to catch sight of is the Japanese fox. Usually you will see them rummaging around for food near bins but on occasion you can spot one just wandering down one of the backstreets.

Last but not least important of our natural wildlife is one in which you will have to use your ears to assist you. The reason being is our third little critter is the wide range of birds living in Arashiyama. You really can experience the sounds of the seasons through our feathered friends. Early Spring will bring the nightingale which has an unmistakable bird call and the winter months you can hear the cries of the Carrion Crow to mention a few. Arashiyama is actually one of the top 3 soundscapes of Japan. Of course, use common sense and please do not try to touch or feed the wildlife.

The final thing to come into view while seeing the sights in Arashiyama is the large amount of rickshaws. The word rickshaw actually has its origins from the Japanese language. In Japanese the term is jinrikisha. Arashiyama is the founding place of the tourist rickshaws you will see on your trip throughout Japan. These friendly guys and gals are present throughout the day and throughout the seasons. Of course, there is no need to worry about being in the way. They tend to stay on the main streets in the busy areas. If you do come across one, be sure to give them their space and ring your bell to let them know you are near.

We hope these tips will help make your ride through our picturesque little town that much more memorable.


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